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Christopher Koschier, Esq
Christopher Koschier, EsqCriminal Defense Attorney

Who Am I?

I’m a criminal defense attorney that practices in every town within Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Philadelphia counties. I’ve handled hundreds of criminal defense cases, and I take great pleasure in helping the people who need it most. My goal as your advocate is to help guide you to the best possible outcome, be that a victory at trial, an extremely favorable plea deal, or a diversionary program that eliminates your charges without having to fight.

As your Attorney, I will always be available to speak with you, in person, on the phone, or through email. I’ll thoroughly and clearly explain your charges, how the court system operates, what you can expect, and I’ll answer any questions that you might have at any step of the process. When it’s time for us to go to Court, you’ll be represented by a zealous, respectful, and deeply determined advocate. I’m here to help, and I’d be glad to help you.


What Makes Me Different?

My representation is affordable, and of the highest quality. I have never, and will never, cut corners when representing a client.

Once you retain my services, you’ll never need to worry about “running out of money” after being billed for unexpected hours of work. I give you a guaranteed price upfront, and I’ll handle all necessary matters within the scope of our representation agreement.

There are no hidden fees or moving targets, unlike with other agreements where you may be on the line for thousands of additional dollars, or lose a lawyer who withdraws from representation because you can no longer afford them.

You get my services through the end of trial, the entry of a guilty plea, the dismissal of your case, or through some other resolution. I’m not here to profit off of your misfortune, I’m here to help you.

I strongly believe that by focusing myself entirely on criminal defense, I’ve achieved a depth of skill I would otherwise never have. Just like a heart surgeon who performs the same surgery 5 days a week, I’ve got an honed set of criminal defense skills that are never distracted by a fat divorce case, a medical malpractice suit, or a stack of bankruptcy cases. I’m a true criminal defense attorney.

Criminal Defense 100%
Tax Law 0%
Personal Injury 0%
Contract Law 0%
Divorce 0%
Real Estate 0%
Hidden Fees
Flat Fee

Can you imagine the anger, frustration, and possibly even fear of being half-way through your case, and your lawyer tells you that your out of money, and need to pay him an additional retainer or he’ll file a motion to withdraw from your case?

Are you worried about being able to afford to retain an attorney? I can tell you exactly how much I will cost to represent you in your case through the end of trial, entry into a diversionary program, or entry of a plea. Once I quote you a figure, it won’t increase. Why? I have the experience necessary to know roughly how long a case will run, and how much of my time it will take. However, sometimes cases vary.

If you aren’t getting a good deal, and we need to fight it, I love litigating issues, filing briefs, and doing courtroom advocacy. That’s why I’m not afraid to give you a straight quote for your case, because if I end up putting in extra work for a low price, I’m enjoying my job, even if I’m not making as much for my bottom line.

I give you a price, in advance of taking your case, and you’ll never have to pay anything more, no matter how many hours I work, unless you choose to retain me for something else (like violation of your terms of probation, or an appeal on the case). I purposefully designed my practice so that I could maximize my time practicing criminal defense – by eliminating the need to chase after clients for money.

Time Spent Collecting Fees instead of Fighting Cases

Are you struggling to figure out the best course of action for yourself or a loved one? Consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney is the first step. My consultations are free, and they aren’t just an opportunity to advertise myself and my knowledge. If you are confused and want assistance, I’m here for you. I’ll answer your questions clearly, concisely, and I’ll help you understand your options and possible outcomes. I’m always happy to help, and if you decide not to hire me, I’ll not be bothered one bit.

0% Free Case Review

The quicker that a criminal defense attorney gets involved in your case, the better. To achieve the best possible outcome, sometimes pre-hearing action can and should be taken. More actions can be taken to preserve evidence, build a case against the Government, increase your chances of entry into a diversionary program which will result in the dismissal of your charges, and more.

You have nothing to lose. I do not charge to review your options with you. Click that schedule button, and lets talk.

Do I Need a Criminal Defense Attorney Quickly?

Retaining experienced criminal defense attorney is important. To get the best possible outcome in your case, it’s often imperative to act quickly. There are a variety of issues that need to be addressed early on in the process.

Starting early can improve your chances of:

  • Being deemed eligible for diversionary programs and treatment courts, which upon completion can result in the dismissal of charges without a criminal record.
  • Gathering and/or preserving evidence that may otherwise fade, such as text messages, video recordings, etc.
  • Having charges potentially dismissed at the preliminary hearing, because your criminal defense attorney was able to reach out to witnesses and determine their potential testimony and availability to appear on your behalf.
  • Improving the likelihood that bail will not need to be posted, saving you money and potentially time in jail.
  • Being released on bail, if you are currently incarcerated.
  • Many, many, other things.


Can you Explain Your Pricing?

My quoted price includes representation, as necessary, for all of the following:

  1. Negotiations with Police
  2. Preliminary Hearing
  3. Investigation of Case
  4. Formal Arraignment
  5. Negotiation with the District Attorney
  6. Pretrial Motions
  7. Pretrial Hearings
  8. Pretrial Conferences
  9. Motions in Limine
  10. Voir Dire
  11. Trial
  12. Sentencing

Additionally, if there are any other legal matters that need to be dealt with prior to trial, I will address them at no additional cost. There are no hidden fees.

However, other matters not directly involved in fighting your case through the end of trial and/or sentencing are not included. These include, for example: appeals (I handle these by separate agreement), failure to appear warrants and contempt hearings (the Court sentencing you for failure to attend court dates), probation violations if you get a probationary sentence and later violate the terms of your probation (I handle these by separate agreement), etc. Feel free to set up an appointment if you have any questions.

  1. Have you received your “Criminal Complaint” from the court yet?
    1. If so, look at the criminal complaint that has been provided to you by the court or police officer (you would have received it by mail if you were never in jail, or you would have received it at the “Preliminary Arraignment” if you were in jail.)
    2. If not, please request a quote from me or contact me at your convenience.
  2. Find the date listed for your Preliminary Hearing (or summary trial).
    1. I charge one fee that will be due prior to the Preliminary Hearing, at the outset of my representation in your case. This fee will vary depending on the severity of the charges, but it’s usually a smaller upfront fee.
    2. If the charges are dismissed, this is all you will ever pay.
  3. After your preliminary hearing, if the charges are bound over to the Court of Common Pleas, I will usually require a final payment to retain my services through trial. This may be due within a few weeks, or as late as a month or two following the Preliminary Hearing.
    1. The date varies because Courts will schedule your next court date anywhere from several weeks to a few months from your preliminary hearing. I typically require payment two weeks prior to the next court date, which provides me time to file necessary motions in your case.
    2. I will guarantee this price, as well as the preliminary hearing price, as soon as you reach out to me. There will be no moving targets or
  4. If you have multiple dockets, or multiple “complaints,” I will charge for each of them, but generally offer a discount for multiple dockets as we can usually resolve them in fewer court appearances.
    1. Example that would result in paying for only one case: Click Here or Click Here
    2. If there are multiple complaints, fees will vary depending on if they were filed in separate counties, with separate court dates, or if they were related to extremely different circumstances which would require separate investigation.

Do you want a guaranteed price quote for your cases? Head here.

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Contact Information – The Law Offices of Christopher Koschier:

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I’m available to meet at my office, or talk on the phone, 24/7 in case of emergency. Please send a text and email if you need my assistance – If I’m not busy or asleep, I will respond letting you know as soon as I can be available.