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New Cases May Call 215-853-6766 (Answered Subject to Attorney Availability)

Contact Information – The Law Offices of Christopher Koschier:

  • Email (Preferred Contact):
  • Phone: (215) 853-6766
  • Text: (215) 853-6897
  • Fax: (267) 573-3036
  • Address: 266 E Main Street, Suite #3, Norristown, Pennsylvania 19401

Emails will be returned promptly. Phone calls will be accepted, generally, between the hours of 9 AM to 8 PM subject to my availability. Please book a phone conference unless you are trying to promptly discuss a new case with me, or there is an emergency.

Who Should Use The Automatic Schedule Tool:

  • Anyone inquiring about hiring me as an Attorney (I will take unscheduled phone calls on these matters subject to my availability.)

  • A current client, looking to ask me a question or meet with me to discuss any matter.

  • Family Members/Interested parties to discuss a pending case – If and only if my client has signed a release allowing disclosure of information to you.

  • General Inquiries from Any Party